Monday , November 30 2020
Reboot of the Fresh Prince

Will Smith set to produce a dramatic reboot of the Fresh Prince

It was the television series that kicked started A-List actor, Will Smith, career… “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Now Smith is returning with a reboot of the series, but this time with more of a dramatic concept. During March of 2019, filmmaker, Morgan Cooper, came up with an idea for a trailer that shows more of a dramatic concept of the Fresh Prince series named, “Bel-Air.” After producing and releasing it, the trailer went viral and ended up in the hands of Will Smith… HE LOVED IT!! He loved the trailer so much that he wanted to meet Morgan himself and interview him for his web series.

Now a year later, Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Smith is pitching the dramatic series to potential networks. Morgan has signed on to co-write, direct and executive produce.

Check out Smith’s interview with Morgan below.

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